Client Qt Company, Videoproduktion Berlin

Konferenzvideo Berlin Produktion

CONFERENCE Recordings over 70 Sessions (Konferenzvideos)
Videoproduktion Berlin

73 Sessions, Screen-/ Laptop- Recordings, german, english
Qt World Summit 2015, BERLIN, GERMANY

best praxis video, LIVE CODING for The Qt Company, Qt World Summit 2015

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We record these conferences for:

example clients:
vector informatik: 22 Conference recordings, presenter device recordings, post-productions
The Qt Company: 70 Conference recordings, presenter device recordings, post-productions
Fraunhofer-Institut Focus: 15 Conference recordings, presenter device recordings, post-productions
Kommune 2.0: 22 Conference recordings, post-productions
Qt, Nokia: 85 Conference recordings, producer, post-productions
Digia Conference, post-productionen

FULL SERVICE Video-Production for

Who we record YOUR CONFERENCE?

WE using for recording small equipment to record
the PROJECTOR/ PRESENTER devices. WE use best solution to recording for example:
software LIVE – PROGRAMMING – steps.

Qt World Summit 2015, OCTOBER 5-7, BERLIN, GERMANY


Youtube Playlist, Qt World Summit 2015
Website The Qt Company


WE RECORD YOUR speaker on live events, combine the presentation and edit
the video with titles, designs and publish the videos.

in detail:

  • RECORD with video cameras (broadcast in HD quality) each speaker and talk
  • recording PROJECTOR/ PRESENTER device signal with small devices, optional
  • or embedding PROJECTOR/ PRESENTER slides (pdf, pictures, powerpoint) in the videos
  • synchronizing the sound and video
  • EDIT each video with your design and titles, picture in picture
  • MANAGING camera men, stuff, sound, managing techniques


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